22 years old, an age when we must choose between challenging job and life paths, but most importantly, we must believe in ourselves: “Remember that in this world, no two people must be alike. Hence, at age 22, behave as if you were twelve…”

22 years old, it is a “golden moment” to recognize that family is the most valuable thing in life, since “…if you ever leave this location, don’t be scared and don’t hesitate, because going is also coming back”…

🌹 The song “Hai muoi hai” talks to the thoughts of young adults who have just grown up and entered life, and it also teaches us valuable life lessons as we mature step by step.

Let’s listen to this song’s intimate lyrics and beautiful music, which was performed by Hana Dieu Han, a student at Hoa Sen University, and MK Band 🥰

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