The tiny snail asked her mother one day: “Mom! Why must we carry a hefty and difficult shell on our backs since birth?”

“Since our bodies lack supporting bones, we can only crawl slowly,” the mother snail explained.

– Why doesn’t the caterpillar, who has no bones and cannot move swiftly, wear that hefty and hard shell?

– Since the caterpillar will transform into a butterfly, the sky will shield her.

– But, the earthworm has no bones, cannot move swiftly, and canno metamorphose; therefore, why does he not wear that hefty and hard shell?

– Due to the earthworm’s burrowing behavior, the earth will protect it.

The tiny snail wept and exclaimed:

– We are pathetic, as neither the sky nor the ground can protect us.

– That’s why we have the shell – The mother snail consoles her child – We rely neither on heaven nor on earth, but on ourselves.

🤗 Do not focus on the weight of the “shell” and forget what it contains. Life’s challenges will shape us into more resilient individuals!

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