( – Little Roses Foundation (LRF) was established on November 1, 2021 per Decision No. 1151/QD-BNV and granted a license to operate on April 22, 2022 per Decision No. 316/QD-BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Foundation primarily supports the health-education sector on a national scale and can accept foreign contributions.

Little Roses Foundation is a charity foundation that supports a variety of volunteer community service initiatives. In instance, the Foundation spends 73 billion VND in its first year of operation (2022) to conduct five charitable programs concentrating on education and health.

Together with the key founding member, Nguyen Hoang Group, and its partners, LRF aspires to be a charity foundation of a civilization of love and comprehensive human values; willing to help people who are in dire straits due to objective circumstances overcome adversity, improve the material and spiritual life of social groups, and create opportunities for everyone, regardless of income or wealth, to share their self-worth for community development.

During the launch event, LRF received more than 60 billion VND from the donation from products

With the logo of a little, red rose cradled in the hands of hope, expressing selfless love to honor human dignity, LRF selects and pursues activities in accordance with its basic values: Love – Integrity – Respect – Dedication.

The Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Board of Management, Mrs. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao, stated that Little Roses Foundation was inspired by the numerous humanitarian actions that instructors and students at Nguyen Hoang Group have conducted over the years.

Accordingly, the Foundation has been involved in a number of charitable activities, including: “Gifts of love” on Tet 2020 at Phu Hoa Orphanage (Quang Ngai) and Belem Shelter (Thua Thien Hue); “Light of Love” on Tet 2021 at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital and an emergency donation program of 500 bags of F0 treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic; and most recently, in collaboration with the HCMC Sponsoring Association for People with Disabilities and Orphans to execute free health examination for 3.000 orphans, disabled and underpriviledged people.

“Practice has demonstrated that nothing offers happiness to people more than love, nothing brings people closer together than love, and nothing helps individuals recognize their responsibilities and courage more than love. The love that everyone currently has for Little Roses Foundation is also the love that everyone will give to others who are still impoverished, less fortunate, and in many ways vulnerable and need to be encouraged so that Vietnam grows more beautiful and our lives become more fulfilling”, said Mrs. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao.

Under its action plan, LRF prioritizes the implementation of educational assistance activities, such as scholarship programs for impoverished, bright, and volunteer students (regardless of religion or ethnicity), so as to create a high educational environment for the younger generations through parent capacity training courses, as well as promoting high-quality scientific research in schools and society, as well as other medical assistance activities.

Accordingly, in the first year of operation, LRF will spend 48 billion VND on educational support activities such as: Scholarship programs for high school students in difficult circumstances to have the opportunity to go to school; talented students with a high-quality learning environment; community education programs (such as creating a safe, high-quality educational environment for the young generations) through training courses to improve educational capacity for parochial schools; and community education programs.

In addition, LRF will spend an additional 25 billion VND on community health care activities, such as health screenings and consultations, emergency relief programs, etc.

During the launch event, LRF raised over sixty billion Vietnamese Dong (VND) through the aunction of merchandise supplied by sponsors and direct contributions from attendees.

– Reported by Phuong Dung


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