🚛 Life is incredibly easy and filled with happiness. Unfortunately, we have erroneously warped the meaning of life on occasion, causing us to experience negative feelings and affecting people around us as well…

Let’s steer clear of these terrible occurrences, beginning with reading the book “The law of the garbage truck,” which is filled with profound lessons and mystical vistas from an automobile that is vital in delivering freshness to the air and cleanliness to our surrounding environment, the garbage truck:

❣️ “Forgiveness is a deliberate act. This is the approach to life.”

❣️ Do not allow sad memories to weaken your faith in life’s good things

❣️ Don’t let your negative feelings to affect others

❣️ And… Be grateful to the actual trash collectors

To have a lovely and joyful life, let’s altogether read this book to make our thoughts more relaxed and alter the way we interact with others! 🥰

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