❤️ When eating, when looking at the food on the table, one should see the entire process of going to the market, parking, selecting vegetables, selecting tubers, returning home, washing, cooking, frying, hot oil, perspiration on the forehead, and seasoning back and forth in order to feel sorry for the cook. This dish is not merely a dish; it is a beautiful gift 🤗🤗 So, avoid criticizing but rather, we experience Appreciation.

When you receive a text message inquiring about you, observe the entire process: they remember you, they think about you, they consider what to say to you, and observe the entire hand pressing each letter, each word… to see you. Look Closer – You Will Be Very Thankful

🥰 When we take a closer look, we will notice that the driver is not only a driver, but also a guy who provides for his wife and children.

🥰 When you practice looking deeply, you will notice that a waiter in a pub is not only a waiter, but also a student who is working hard to acquire money for living expenses and timely tuition payments.

🥰 Everyone is engaged in a lifelong struggle, if we look closely enough. To feel compassion, to recognize sympathy, and to disregard the ignorable.

Practice looking deeply into your mother’s meal, your father’s shirt, your husband’s work history, your wife’s messy hair, your friend’s message, the gift you’ve received… and look deeply behind the people you interact with in order to realize that there are many profound things around that we were previously only able to see superficially.

To be grateful for everything in life, cultivate a habit of introspection.

Credits: BS Đỗ Hồng Ngọc

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