🦒🦒 Every time a baby giraffe is produced, a lesson is learned. The mother giraffe does not recline down when giving birth; therefore, the newborn falls more than 3 meters to the ground.

After a few moments, the mother giraffe begins to prod her baby until it stands up, which is a very odd behavior. When the baby giraffe grows weary and lays down, his mother urges him to stand up. Until he can truly rise, the mother pushes him back down, requiring him to make an effort to stand on his own two feet.

🤔 This seems odd to us, but this method of parenting is essential for young giraffes because they must be able to balance on their own to survive with the herd; otherwise, they would be left to fend for themselves and become tasty prey for wild animals.

Likewise, we humans! It is simple to become disheartened when things go wrong. Nevertheless, despite confronting many obstacles, we must maintain our faith 💪 One does not lose by being vanquished, but only by capitulating!