Vu Lan

🌹 On every occasion of Vu Lan, when going along the streets, we frequently observe the roses worn by many individuals on their left chests: some people wear red flowers, while others wear white flowers.

🌹 At that moment, we shall rejoice with those who are wearing red roses and silently commiserate with others who are wearing white flowers, for whom their cherished mother is no longer in the world…

💕 During those moments, we must have realized, “How fortunate are people who still have parents!”. Please assist and sympathize with those who have lost their parents. So, we can make them feel as though they are not facing their challenges alone. Every small deed, every word of encouragement, and our genuine affection can bring them solace, enabling them to continue overcoming life’s obstacles.

#LittleRosesFoundation #LRF #Toallwearelove #UNSDG17