There are two male patients in the hospital. The patient is permitted to sit up for an hour a day in the bed next to the room’s only window. On a nearby bed, the second patient is required to lie flat. They frequently communicate. They discuss about their wives and children, their families, their homes, their careers, and their life challenges…

Every afternoon, when the first patient is allowed to sit up, he lays on his bed near the window and describes the situation to his roommate. It is also a happy time for the man in the other bed, who is introduced to the world through the activities and hues described by his friend.

The window overlooks a park adjacent to a picturesque river. On the water, ducks and swans move gently. Children play in boats of various sizes, and couples stroll hand-in-hand through vibrant flower beds. Before the sunset, one can see the entire pink horizon in the distance… While the man seated describes what he can see in detail, the man lying down closes his eyes and imagines.

❤️ Under normal circumstances, we may not be able to fully comprehend love and life’s values. Nevertheless, we can easily feel everything with our soul’s eyes…

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