💝 Volunteer work is increasing in popularity. However, in addition to the happiness of assisting the community, a few individuals still find themselves in perplexing and difficult circumstances due to unprofessional, unprocessed methods, absence of advisors, and lack of strict supervision. Therefore, contemporary public opinion frequently questions the integrity of their charitable activities.

🌹 To promote the full value of philanthropic operations, Little Roses Foundation was formally created on November 1, 2021 per Decision No. 1151/QD-BNV, and granted permission to function on April 22, 2022 per Decision No. 316/QD-BNV, with a professional Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, and Advisory Board.

🌹 Love – Integrity – Respect – Dedication are the guiding core values by which Little Roses Foundation serves primarily in the fields of education and health. The Foundation, authorized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, operates domestically and can accept international aid.

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